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Most businesses sell within 3-6 months. The overall timeframe will vary by industry and is always dependent on the company’s financial performance and the complexity of the transaction.

We carefully screen all buyers and every buyer is required to sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement before providing the company prospectus. In addition, we keep the most important “trade secrets” of each business completely confidential, even during the due diligence phase, ensuring the truly sensitive information is only revealed days before the closing.

There are many different variables (tangible and intangible) that are considered when calculating the listing price including current financial performance, overall business model, profit margin ratios, profitability trends, growth potential, current market demand and many other factors. Contact our experienced business brokers today to receive your free business valuation.

Lighthouse Business Brokers represents business in all industries and our experienced team has the expertise needed to find the right buyer for your business. From restaurants to gas stations, retail or wholesale, our business brokers are knowledgeable on all types of businesses and we will help you navigate the complex process of selling a business.

With our compensation being 100% performance based, we invest a considerable amount of time, energy and money upfront to represent each business. Since there is no guarantee that we will actually be paid for our work, it’s customary for buyers to sign an exclusive listing agreement, which gives us the time we need to get the deal done and outlines the terms of our representation.

Lighthouse Business Brokers seller representation is 100% performance based. We only get paid after we successfully sell your business.

After an offer has been accepted by the seller, the buyer is entitled to review any and all supporting source documentation that was used to prepare the financial statements represented in the company prospectus. The supporting documentation usually includes company bank statements, merchant account statements, company tax returns and supplier invoices for the past 3 years.

At Lighthouse Business Brokers, our team is comprised of licensed business brokers that have the financial background and experience needed to find the perfect buyer for your business. Our financial professionals have degrees in Finance, Accounting and Business Management, and 2 of our brokers are also licensed Realtors, which collectively gives our clients a competitive edge that simply can’t be matched by our competitors. We’re entrepreneurs just like you. We have personally started, operated and sold numerous businesses of our own and we have the first-hand experience needed to guide you every step of the way.

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