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Our Business Brokers focus exclusively on sell-side representation for all types of businesses.


Results Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

Our proven digital marketing strategies are custom tailored for each listing. These strategies are designed to reach a wide audience, protect seller confidentiality, and MAXIMIZE the final sale price. Our professional seller representation services are 100% performance based.


Powerful Buyer Database

We have a powerful buyer database with thousands of qualified buyers. Our buyer network includes acquisition entrepreneurs, family investment offices, search funds, and private equity firms. This ensures your listing gets in front of thousands of qualified potential buyers on day one.


Proven Valuation Formula

Business valuation is a complex subject with many nuances. Our valuation formula combines financial analysis with a deep understanding of what serious buyers are looking for in a business acquisition.

100% Dedicated

To Client Satisfaction

Lighthouse Business Broker's takes client satisfaction seriously. We always strive to provide timely communication, deliver on our promises, and achieve high-quality results. We value ETHICS, transparency, hard work and follow-through. We go the extra mile for our clients because we have the SAME GOAL as our clients.

Professional Business Brokers

In Your Local Market

Experienced. Professional. Dedicated.


Professional Business Brokers

In Your Local Market

Experienced. Professional. Dedicated.

Chicago, Illinois

Our headquarters is located in Chicago, IL. We are Illinois licensed Business Brokers and Realtors. Our primary market is Chicago and the surrounding area.

Over $10mm business value sold annually

Average Sale Price $661,072

90%+ Success Rate

Custom Tailored Exit Strategies

Designed to Maximize
Overall Value

Our Experienced Business Brokers Will Guide You Step-by-Step
Through the Entire Sales Process

The process starts with a valuation. We will perform an analysis of your business and provide a summary valuation. This is 100% confidential.

Once a seller makes the decision to move forward with listing their business the next step is to execute an exclusive listing agreement.

We conduct a seller interview designed to deepen our understanding of the business and highlight key selling points. Then our team gets to work on the high quality CBR (Confidential Business Review).

Once the CBR is approved we are ready to go live. All ads are 100% anonymous and an NDA is required before any business specific information is released. Our online marketing strategies produce incredible results.

Once a qualified buyer is identified we will coordinate introductions. We are looking for the right fit. We want buyers who will be wildly successful!

When a buyer makes the decision to move forward with an offer they submit an LOI (Letter of Intent). We thoroughly review and present all offers. The majority of our listings receive an offer in 1-3 months.

We are expert negotiators. We advise on all turns of the negotiation. We think outside of the box with the goal of a win-win deal.

Due diligence is a necessary part of every deal. We help coordinate a smooth and orderly due diligence process. We put the time in on the early stages of the listing process to make sure due diligence goes smoothly.

We coordinate a timely presentation of the purchase agreement and we make a point of reading and providing comments on all purchase agreements. It is essential that a qualified attorney thoroughly reviews all legally binding agreements.

We work proactively throughout the entire process to make sure their are no surprises. We communicate frequently so the buyer and seller are ready to hit the ground running on day one of their new venture.


Valuation Based Advisory

Valuation | Strategy | Results

As business brokers we have unique insight into what factors create value in business acquisitions. Many of the factors that drive a higher valuation inherently make day to day business operations more organized, efficient and profitable. Our unique approach starts with a current valuation and business analysis. Then we develop a strategy to achieve your financial goals. Please reach out to request a proposal.


How Much

Is Your Business Worth?

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