Selling Your Business


Our Pledge

No pressure. We are ready when you are.

We will protect your confidentiality.

We are happy to be an information resource. We enjoy working with fellow business owners.

If you give us the honor, we will put our heart into selling your business.


Proven Formula

Selling a business is complex. An experienced guide can make the journey go much smoother. Our proven selling formula is designed to maximize the sale price while minimizing disruptions. That way you can remain focused on running your business. The process always starts with a valuation. We need to know the company’s value before we can start exit planning. We need a minimum of 3 years of true and accurate financial statements to perform a valuation. We will conduct an analysis and follow up with a discussion of value. We use valuation software to ensure accuracy and consistency. If you decide to move forward, at that point we formalize the listing and ask you to fill out a questionnaire that will help us get to know the business in more detail. Once we have a thorough understanding of the business we get to work writing the CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum). On average this is a 2-3 week process. We know how to write a CIM that get results. Once the CIM is approved, we are ready to go live! All public facing ads are anonymous. We pre-screen all buyers and require a NDA before releasing any business specific information. Listing time varies based on price and market conditions. On average it takes 1-6 months to receive an offer. We market across multiple channels to get as much exposure as possible. Every listing gets a pre-market announcement. Some listings never make it to print. Our goal in every deal is a happy seller and a buyer that will carry on the legacy. We put our heart into every deal.


Private Buyer Network

Lighthouse Business Brokers has cultivated a powerful buyer network with thousands of buyers that are specifically looking for high-quality businesses to acquire. Many of these buyers are serial entrepreneurs who have previously purchased one or more of our listings. The buyers in our database also include private equity firms, international buyers, and high net worth family offices that are looking for acquisition opportunities. We give these buyers a pre-market alert. Some of our listing sell before print. Our private network is a powerful tool that only our clients enjoy.

How Much

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