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Our Business Brokers focuses exclusively on sell-side representation across all industries for businesses with up to $100 Million in annual revenue.


Results Driven Listing Strategy

Our highly effective listing strategies are designed to maximize the final sale price and protect confidentiality for every business we represent. Our proven formula for success has resulted in an incredibly high close rate. Our professional seller representation services are 100% performance based. Get started today by requesting your free business valuation.


Powerful Buyer Database

Through our years of experience, Lighthouse Business Brokers has established a powerful buyer network with thousands of qualified buyers that covers almost every industry. Our buyer's database is comprised of active professional investors and private equity firms that have been through the acquisition process previously and ensures we get your business in front of thousands of qualified buyers on the first day.


Proven Valuation Method

From Main Street to the Middle Market, we have a deep understanding of what drives business value. Our valuation starts with a thorough financial analysis and takes into consideration multiple data points. We educate and prepare sellers to maximize value throughout the process. We have years of experience and the resources available to accurately determine value for businesses of all sizes across all industries.

Professional M&A Advisors

In Your Local Market

Experienced. Professional. Dedicated.


Professional M&A Advisors

In Your Local Market

Experienced. Professional. Dedicated.

Chicago, Illinois

Our headquarters is located in Chicago and we have satellite offices in New York City and Dallas. Our business brokers have brokered deals all over the country with buyers and sellers located all over the world. We understand local markets and we have international experience. We are licensed business brokers with advanced degrees in accounting, finance, marketing, public relations and business management. Our team has the expertise you need on your side when selling your business.

Custom Tailored Exit Strategies

Designed to Maximize
Overall Value

Our Experienced Business Brokers Will Guide You Step-by-Step
Through the Entire Sales Process

The process starts with a broker opinion of value. We will request information, spend time learning about your company, research comps in your industry and provide a summary valuation. This is 100% confidential.

Once a business owner makes the decision to move forward with listing their business the first step is to execute an exclusive listing agreement.

The seller completes a questionnaire designed to highlight key selling points of the business and its attributes. Then our writing team gets to work on the the CBR (Confidential Business Review).

Once the CBR is approved by the seller we are ready go to market! We list anonymously across multiple marketing channels. We also target strategic buyers through direct outreach. Our ads are 100% anonymous. An NDA and qualification is required before any business specific information is released.

All potential buyers are qualified and required to sign and NDA. Once a willing and able buyer is identified we will arrange an introduction. We are looking for the right fit. We want a buyer who will succeed and carry on the legacy.

Once a buyer makes the decision to move forward with an offer they submit an LOI (Letter of Intent). We review and present all offers in a timely manner. The majority of our listings receive an offer in 1-3 months.

We are expert negotiators. We advise on all turns of the negotiation and we think outside of the box to find the most beneficial deal structure.

Due diligence is a necessary part of every deal. We help coordinate a smooth and orderly due diligence process. We put the time in on the early stages of the listing process to make sure due diligence goes as smoothly as possible.

We coordinate a timely presentation of the purchase agreement and we make a point of reading and providing comments on all purchase agreements. It is highly recommended that a qualified attorney thoroughly reviews all legally binding agreements.

We work proactively throughout the listing process to make sure the closing goes through as smoothly as possible. Our years of experience have taught us how to prepare for the closing and we communicate frequently so the buyer is ready to hit the ground running on their new venture.


Exit Planning

It's never too early to have a plan

By planning for an exit prior to selling, business owners can significantly increase their sale price while improving current business. How? Because many of the same factors that drive a higher valuation inherently make businesses stronger and more profitable. Lighthouse Business Brokers offers tailored exit planning services with approach designed to improve current performance while maximizing market value. We will perform a business analysis and valuation, then set goals and implement a strategy to hit your target sale price. We check-in at regular intervals to measure and refine the strategy as goals are met. We’ve many helped business owners add significant value through this process. Understanding the key factors that drive value is crucial for making smart business decisions that will benefit your business now and put you in the best position to sell for maximum value when the time is right. Consulting packages start at $500.

100% Dedicated

To Client Satisfaction

Lighthouse Business Broker's takes client satisfaction extremely seriously. We strive to provide timely communication, deliver on our promises, and achieve high quality results. We value ethics, transparency, hard work and follow-through. We make a point to go the extra mile for our clients because ultimately, we have the same goal as our clients.

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